The BBMMORPG, where you create your own society as a sovereign in the universe of Animus Regnum.

Create your own government and command fleets. Your choices affect the overall story and future of the Cosmos.

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Freedom to play however you like. Explore, hunt, build, fight, or go on quests and play the game how you wish with friends.
Every asset is an NFT in the game and the currency in-game will also be a cryptocurrency known as Unavis that can be traded off-game.
Many races, classes, and fighting styles for players to experience unique character builds.
Some assets like starships, cars and other similar assets will come with certain IP rights to use these assets outside of the game.


We are creating a game where people can fully experience the concepts of justice, responsibility, and the freedoms of sovereignty. we wanted to make sure that players could make their own choices and that the game is built in a way where people can choose to play it in any way they like. in the game, every action is meaningful.

Every decision leads to unique consequences. yes, there are many ways to achieve goals, but your experience will depend on how you handle each conflict along the way, and can influence the history of the animus regnum cosmos.

Every asset in the game will be an nft token and will be created with the power of the blockchain. nft is an acronym for non-fungible token. the concept of an nft is that each token will be unique, yet be completely interchangeable with other assets.


Adamant Metanetwork